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 Peacebuilding Compared New Icon July2012

The peacebuilding compared project

What are the kinds of interventions that create wars and make things worse for people? How can peacebuilding contribute to justice and development?

Arab Spring protestor and police

The politics of international criminal justice after the Arab uprisings

This project interrogates how international criminal law can reshape state-society relations in periods of transition after conflict or repressive rule.


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ACT economic, social and cultural rights project

The ACT Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ACT ESCR) research project assessed whether the ACT Human Rights Act 2004 should be amended to include economic, social and cultural rights.

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Australia's first Bill of Rights

The aim of the ACT Human Rights Act research project was to document the impact of Australia's first Bill of Rights – the ACT Human Rights Act 2004 – over its first five years of operation.

A woman casts her ballot in the 2012 legislative by-election in Grand Laho, Côte d'Ivoire. By-elections were organized in eleven of the country's constituencies after irregularities were found in the original vote held on 11 December 2011. UN Photo/Hien Macline

Building democracy and justice after conflict

Through national and international collaboration, Building democracy and justice after conflict sought to develop not only innovative theoretical models to ground international norms about governance

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Strengthening the international human rights system: Rights, regulation and ritualism

This project focuses on a problem endemic to the international human rights system: why are international human rights standards widely accepted in theory but so hard to implement in practice?

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Strengthening the rule of law through the United Nations Security Council

This project will explore the potential of the rule of law to guide and support UNSC decision-making and practice across the areas of peacebuilding, sanctions and the use of force.

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