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Major report released by the new Lancet Commission on Obesity

The following press release was released by the Lancet on 27 January 2019.

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Junk food (cheap prices). Image credit: playability_de (Flickr)

Global health disruptors: Doha declaration

The following was originally published on the British Medical Journal (BMJ) website on 28 November 2018.

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End inequality, improve wellbeing, squash the Welfare Reform Bill

What have the 80,000 people who are looking for work done to deserve such a brutal cull of income support payments proposed under compliance changes in the Welfare Reform Bill?

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Uneven piles of coins

The power of collective action

At Global Ideas Forum 2017, Sharon Friel sat down with Global Ideas’ Director Naveen Tenneti for a broad-ranging discussion about public health, the way corporations can both help and hinder climat

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Deindustrialisation gathers pace

Many communities globally are facing considerable changes to employment conditions as economies lose their traditional manufacturing base and attempt to transition to an economy based on advanced manufacturing and knowledge based industries.

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Image: Factory workers at GMH Adelaide in late 1960s

Founded in 2006, from the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation, the Menzies Centre for Health Policy ANU focuses on questions of governance and regulation to pursue a fairer, more sustainable and healthier society within Australia, across Asia Pacific and globally.

In pursuit of this, the Centre’s research is concerned with the political, commercial, environmental, social and cultural determinants of health inequities. Specifically, we are interested in how public policies outside of the health field can be shaped to achieve health equity.

Our research methods draw on regulatory theory – the study of different regulatory approaches and how they may be used to steer the course of events. We are also interested in governance for health equity – which means that we study the range of political, organisational and administrative processes through which different actors articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, influence policy processes, and mediate their differences.

Answering the questions of regulation and governance for health equity is necessarily interdisciplinary and requires the use of multiple methods. We are researchers from public health, political science, sociology, systems science, psychology and economics. We use a plurality of methods including evidence synthesis, complex systems modelling, political and social science qualitative techniques, and policy analysis.

Given the international and interdisciplinary nature of our research, we believe that collaboration is imperative between researchers, government officials, and non-government organisations. Using extensive national and international academic and policy-related networks, we employ a cross disciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross border approach to our research.

The Menzies Centre for Health Policy research themes include:
• The social determinants of health equity
• Political economy of health
• Trade, investment and health
• Healthy and sustainable food systems
• Health systems
• Climate change and global health inequities



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