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Misplaced and misused fear

Kathryn Henne, Adam Henshke, Jeremy Youde

The relationship between fear and regulation is not well understood. Fear may be misplaced – think of our outsized fear of sharks, or it may be misused – as when fears of terrorism are used to justify curtailing civil liberties and invading privacy. This panel examines how fear has been misused and misplaced to justify either regulation or inaction.


Fear, fearlessness and environmental activism: The Lock the Gate Alliance

Neil Gunningham, Annie Kia, Hedda Ransan-Cooper

While the political right may harness fear to resist change, fear (and fearlessness) may play very different roles for environmental activists. This panel explores the role of emotions in galvanising or inhibiting community action.


Pracademic policing: How police-led research can revolutionize police effectiveness

Lawrence Sherman and Heather Strang

Police innovators around the world are doing research that tests and refines new ideas. This seminar reviews the growth of police-led “pracademic” research, with academic support, through such developments as the new (since 2010) Societies of Evidence-Based Policing in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada, and the _Cambridge Journal of Evidence-based Policing_. The implications of this trend for police reform in democracies and other nations will be discussed.

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