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Control, threat and deterrence

John Braithwaite gives a superb introduction to the concepts of control, threat and deterrence in the management of people and nations.

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Why countering violent extremism programs are failing

Opinion piece in Policy Forum by Clarke Jones

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The Underground Market for Ransomware

Opinion piece by Rod Broadhurst in The Conversation

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Is terrorism under or over reported?

Clarke Jones on Radio National

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Segregate to rehabilitate?

Opinion Piece by Clarke Jones in Policy Forum

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The Crime, Policing, Security and Justice Group at RegNet works on crime trends, crime prevention, national security and terrorism. We aim to conduct research that provides a basis for reform of policing, security and intelligence practices with a view to enhancing Australia’s wellbeing and promoting justice generally. Our group was a key research node within the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security (CEPS) (2008-2014).

RegNet’s work in this area has a distinctive interdisciplinarity, with our scholars coming from a variety of backgrounds, including criminology, law, psychology, anthropology, sociology and political science. We have developed a regulatory approach to crime and policing, and we also focus on emerging areas such as cybercrime, environmental and financial crime. Our work complements that of scholars of crime and justice in other parts of the University, particularly the College of Arts and Social Sciences, the National Security College and the ANU College of Law.

Our current areas of research include:

  • peacebuilding;
  • criminal networks and groups – gangs, organised crime (including drug markets and their control), and terrorist organisations (particularly radicalisation and recruitment);
  • prisons;
  • policing;
  • intelligence;
  • changing conceptions of national security;
  • countermeasures with respect to terrorism and organised crime;
  • transnational crime;
  • environmental crime;
  • cybercrime; and
  • criminal law-making and policy-making frameworks.


This group comprises of academic and other research staff from RegNet, as well as our external partners

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