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The Peacebuilding Compared Project

President Ghani of Afghanistan congratulates Ali Wardak on 'Crime and War in Afghanistan'

President Ghani urges leaders to read the Radzinowicz Memorial Prize winning paper

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Video - Radical ideas in justice and regulation

John Braithwaite on making wise choices about whether to punish or persuade

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Video - John Braithwaite on why responsive regulation matters

People power in action in the regulatory pyramid

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Podcast - John Braithwaite on the limits of responsive regulation

Audio podcast from John's recent seminar

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John Braithwaite and Ali Wardak receive Radzinowicz Memorial Prize

Prestigious British Journal of Criminology Prize awarded for their paper 'Crime and War in Afghanistan'.

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Restorative justice lessons from Libya

In places like Libya, traditional tribal justice informed by evidence-based restorative justice is imperative for smothering sparks that might reignite civil war.

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Peacebuilding Compared

United Nations, African Union and other peacekeeping has grown. What are the kinds of interventions that create wars and make things worse for people? How can peacebuilding contribute to justice and development? How do war and peace cascade from one hot spot to another? How can peacebuilding be locally responsive and restorative as it transforms structural causes of war?  

Peacebuilding Compared targets substantial fieldwork on these questions in 50 countries for at least 60 wars since 1990. Over 700 variables are coded for each war. Specific wars also stand alone as contextually rich accounts of successes and failures of peace.

The Australian Research Council has funded Peacebuilding Compared since 2004. 26 conflicts now have preliminary coding and sustainability of peace will be followed for 20 years (until 2030). The aim is a unique hybrid of ethnographic and quantitative research. Peacebuilding Compared is led by John Braithwaite, who drives all fieldwork in collaboration with more expert co-authors and PhD scholars, usually citizens of the wartorn society. 


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