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Eliza Ahmed Eliza Ahmed
(Government and practitioner visitor)

Dr Eliza Ahmed is a Clinical Psychologist. Her research interests lie...

Authers_Ben_2015 Benjamin Authers
(Visiting Fellow)
T: +61 2 6125 7103

Benjamin is currently a visiting fellow with RegNet. He was...

 Bielefeld_Shelley_2015 Shelley Bielefeld
(Visiting Fellow)

Dr Shelley Bielefeld was the inaugural...

Liz Bluff Liz Bluff
(Visiting Fellow)
T: 6125 1514

Dr Liz Bluff is a Visiting Fellow with RegNet....

David Carter

David Carter is a Senior Lecturer in Law in the Faculty of Law at...

Image: Rebecca Dodd Rebecca Dodd
(Visiting Fellow)

Dr Rebecca Dodd is a part-time, senior...

Nathan Harris Nathan Harris
(Government and practitioner visitor)
T: +61 2 6125 8442

Dr Nathan Harris is a Clinical Psychologist. Previously he has held...

Image: Tim Hollo Tim Hollo
(Government and practitioner visitor)

Tim Hollo is Executive Director of the Green...

Lachlan James
(Government and practitioner visitor)

Lachlan has a broad-ranging background in venture capital,...

Gordon Peake

Gordon Peake is a Visitor at RegNet.

Satu Pentikäinen

Satu Pentikäinen is a current visitor at RegNet

Shin_Helene Helene Shin
(Government and practitioner visitor)

Helene is visiting from the Department of Social Services.

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward has worked in the alcohol and other drugs sector for over...

Natasha Yacoub Natasha Yacoub
(Visiting Fellow)

Ms Yacoub is presently on leave from the...

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