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Conversations 2019: narrations and renarrations as regulation

9th July 2019

In the 2019 Conversations series, every Tuesday in September we will consider narrations and renarrations as regulation.

This seminar series seeks to highlight and investigate the regulatory roles of stories in framing, categorising, modelling, communicating and sense-making across a variety of domains and media. It also explores the transformative potential of counter-storytelling or re-narration.

Four panels will interrogate the theme:

3 September: Stories as regulation and policy-making

Everyone knows that fairytales have a strong regulatory impact: they keep children from wandering too far into danger, and they prescribe the role of women in society. But what is the regulatory impact of stories more broadly? In what conditions and why do stories themselves act as regulation?

10 September: Stories as frames for regulation and governance

What role do narratives play in framing how policies develop, and how regulation is understood, received and opposed? How are narratives generated and strategically deployed in relation to policy development and opposition and by whom? Is policy-making actually about story-telling? What examples are there in the context of social media?

17 September: Narration and re-narration through multiple genres and creative media

How do the forms and media through which stories are narrated influence what regulatory impact they have? What role can the creative arts play in narration and re-narration, and what factors are important to their regulatory impact? How does/can story-telling fit within the conventions of academic/policy writing?

24 September: Changing the story book: Re-narration, re-storying and possibilities of transformation

Re-storying is a powerful strategy that has been used in different contexts, particularly as a way of re-centering marginalised or silenced voices. Re-storying dominant narratives challenges tacit knowledge and many taken-for-granted beliefs. What is the potential for re-narration lead to regulatory and governance transformation?

More details on each panel will be available shortly.

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