Two new RegNet projects receive ARC funding

1st November 2016

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Kate Henne

Dr Kathryn (Kate) Henne is a Fellow in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet).

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Two new RegNet projects have received ARC funding through the Discovery Early Career Research Award scheme, announced October 31 2016. Congratulations to Kate Henne and Darren Sinclair, who both received funding for three year projects.

Kate Henne - Regulatory science and traumatic brain injury

This project aims to discover how governance, science and society inform the design and implementation of traumatic brain injury interventions. Brain injury has significant health, economic and societal costs. Despite breakthroughs in brain science, regulatory approaches aimed at preventing and treating brain injury vary and have disparate outcomes, even among at risk populations. By studying brain injury, this research aims to discover how inequality affects public health interventions. Findings are expected to provide empirical insight into the challenges of establishing effective programs and how to overcome them, which can improve regulatory responses in and beyond Australia.

More on Kate Henne’s research.

Darren Sinclair - Regulation and governance for the sustainable management of groundwater

This project aims to manage groundwater through analysing six national and international case studies. Groundwater management in Australia confronts a multi-dimensional crisis stemming from neglect, over-allocations and policy mismanagement. Overcoming this will require a transformation in the regulation and governance of groundwater. The project’s findings are expected to advance regulation and governance empirical theory, normative and applied theory and provide policy solutions for sustainable groundwater management within a pluralistic governance model. This is significant and timely given planned policy reviews in the Murray Darling Basin, the effect of climate change and plans to develop agriculture in Northern Australia.

More on Darren Sinclair’s research.

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