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Will privatising schools and hospitals really make them more efficient?

8th November 2015

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Ian Marsh is a Visiting Professor at RegNet and at the Australian Innovation Research Centre, University of Tasmania.

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In this opinion piece published in The Canberra Times on November 3, Ian Marsh looks at one of Scott Morrison’s early comments as Treasurer regarding the privatisation of schools and hospitals.

“Morrison pointed to the greater efficiency and effectiveness that a competitive regime can deliver. There is no doubt that market-mediated competition can drive performance. The private sector provides daily evidence of this.

“But the notion that these approaches can be readily transferred to public services like schools, hospitals and social services cries out for deconstruction. For a start, schools, hospitals and social agencies serve many purposes that cannot be easily captured in a unified price measure. How are these more subtle and variegated outcomes, which can vary hugely between individuals and places, be incorporated in a contract design? That’s no easy challenge in itself,” he writes.

Read the entire article on The Canberra Times website.

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