Clarke Jones on how ISIS is able to reach all classes of society

22nd April 2015

In this Radio Sputnik interview, RegNet visitor Clarke Jones discusses how ISIS is able to reach all classes of society. 

Listen to the entire interview on the Radio Sputnik site.

About the radio report:

More than 25,000 foreign fighters have joined the al-Qaeda and Islamic State militants over the past year, the latest UN report says.UN panel of experts monitoring the ISIL claims that fighters from at least 100 countries have travelled to Iraq, Syria, Lybia and Pakistan.According to the report, the flow of foreign fighters is higher than it has ever been historically. The number of recruits has risen sharply by 71% between the middle of 2014 and March 2015. The majority of them come from Tunisia, Marocco, France and Russia.The UN researchers warn that Syria and Iraq are becoming so-called international finishing schools for extremists. And a military defeat of the Islamic State group could lead to the dispersal of experienced fighters across the world.

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