UN Human Rights Council ceiling (Image: Jean-Marc Ferré, Allegra Laboratory)

UN Human Rights Council ceiling (Image: Jean-Marc Ferré, Allegra Laboratory)

Regarding Rights: Hilary Charlesworth and colleagues speak out in support of Gillian Triggs

28th January 2015

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Hilary Charlesworth is Professor and Director of the Centre for International Governance and Justice in the School of Regulation and Governance (RegNet) at the Australian National University.

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The Regarding Rights blog has reported RegNet Professor Hilary Charlesworth has joined other senior legal academics to express support for Gillian Triggs, who has been subjected recently to what they describe as ‘relentless attacks’, including from the Prime Minister. The attacks relate to a decision made by the Human Rights Commission in the case of Mr Basikbasik, who has been held in immigration detention for seven years, after serving a six-year prison term for a criminal conviction. 

The Commission recommended that a less punitive form of community detention be found for Mr Basikbasik, and that he be compensated for his lengthy period in immigration detention. In the Commission’s view, the government had not established that Mr Basikbasik’s detention following the completion of his sentence was necessary. Given this, the detention could be characterised as arbitrary and as a breach of national and international standards. In a letter to The Australian that was not published (but which has since been published by New Matilda and The Conversation), Hilary and her colleagues argue that the attacks on Gillian Triggs are ‘based on a misunderstanding of the role of the [Human Rights] Commission’.

Read the entire blog post on the Regarding Rights blog

About Regarding Rights:

Regarding Rights is an initiative of the Centre for International Governance and Justice (CIGJ). Under the auspices of Professor Hilary Charlesworth’s ARC Laureate Fellowship Project ‘Strengthening the international human rights system: rights, regulation and ritualism’, Regarding Rights provides a forum for voices from activism and academia to comment on important issues in human rights.

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