Driving straight toward a cliff?: preliminary thoughts on artificial intelligence, AI risks and related regulatory issues

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Tuesday 27 October 2015


Seminar Room 1.04, Coombs Extension Building (8), Fellows Road, ANU
ANU Canberra


Gary Lea


Emma Larking
+61 (0)2 6125 1513

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is once again bubbling up through public consciousness. After the false dawns of the Fifties and the Eighties, the very real possibility of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) at the level of human capabilities being delivered means we are now confronted with the question of whether AI will be Prometheus’ Fire or Pandora’s Box.

Some, including Stuart Russell, the author of one of the standard texts on AI, are concerned that without concerted action being taken, AGI could be as great a threat to the existence of humanity as nuclear weapons. Russell likens the current ethics/safety culture around AI as being akin to driving at a cliff and hoping we run out of petrol. Is he right? How do we characterise and deal with uncertainty and risk around AI? Where do we go from here in terms of regulatory institutions and processes?

In the meantime, Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) has already quietly arrived, building on the smart technologies of the 1990s while, at the same time, acting as a spearhead for AGI.

About the Speaker

Mr. Gary Lea was a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law at Queen Mary, University of London and lectured at UNSW before leaving academia to co-found a software start-up specialising in real-time business solutions.

Currently a visitor to RegNet, Gary will be examining a range of issues arising from various recent developments in ‘smart’ technologies; his other areas of interest include the development and deployment of technical standards, the economics of innovation and IP portfolio management.

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