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Strategies to enact a clean energy revolution

05 December 2019

Enacting a clean energy revolution mandates overcoming political opposition from oil, gas and coal industries.

Image: Katie Jowett (Unsplash)

Neil Gunningham on Extinction Rebellion featured on ABC Radio National’s ‘Big Ideas’

02 December 2019

According to many leading scientists a rise of just one and half degrees Celsius in global temperatures is synonymous with catastrophic impacts to our world.

Image: Table showing Annual number of newspaper articles reporting on health and climate change, by regions in Australia, 2008–20 Source: 2019 MJA-Lancet Countdown report p. 19

Professor Sharon Friel at the 2019 MJA-Lancet Countdown launch event

28 November 2019

Mixed progress on health and climate change were the findings of the 201

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Joint Research project by ANU, UPNG and Unitech addresses family and sexual violence in Lae, PNG

26 November 2019

Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU), the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) and the PNG Univer

Image: Medical by Marcelo Leal (Unsplash)

A time for courage- The social determinants of health

19 November 2019

by Sharon Friel

Image: Nada Jevtovic by Veronica Andrianatos

Meet Nada Jevtovic

15 November 2019

‘Why do people commit crime?’ ‘What drives someone to deviate from the ‘norm’?’ These sort of questions have fascinated Nada Jevtovic since she was ten years old.

Retro computing data cassette recorder by by Joybot, Flikcr, under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why racialized youth perceptions of police matter

31 October 2019

by Kanika Samuels-Wortley


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