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Regarding Rights blog - Jacinta Mulders

19 June 2015

OHCHR reports provide a more realistic account of rights violations, providing a more effective base for suggesting reforms.

Edwina Thomson

RegNet PhD gives TED talk on what the war on terror has taught her

17 June 2015

A RegNet alumnus, Dr Edwina Thompson has given a TED talk titled ‘What the war on terror has taught me’.

Khaled Sharrouf.  Image Source: Twitter

Clarke Jones on the Sharrouf security blunder

17 June 2015

In this Lateline interview, Clarke Jones discusses recent revelations that terror suspect, Khaled Sharrouf was able to fake his way through Sydney airport in less than two minutes.

 Man_with_passport_Image source: Alessandro Valli on Flickr

The war on Australian citizenship

17 June 2015

The plan to strip Australian Jihadists of their citizenship is more complex than it might at first seem and could be a recipe for statelessness, writes Peter Hughes.

Maningrida_Image source: Emily Hanna

Jon Altman on living the good life in precarious times

17 June 2015

Jon Altman has been visiting the remote Aboriginal community of Maningrida for many years.

Human rights Wordle

Emma Larking discusses human rights

16 June 2015

Emma Larking interviewed on human rights on radio 3CR.

image of abstract circle

Torture After 9.11: The Asia-Pacific Context Workshop

10 June 2015

Invitation to submit abstracts to present at the Torture After 9.11: The Asia-Pacific Context Workshop

Regarding Rights blog - Róisín Burke

10 June 2015

Leaked internal UN report emphasizes the continued failings of the UN and deploying states to address sexual abuse effectively and to address impunity.

Money_Image source: Nicki Mannix (Flickr)

Peter Hughes on subsidising foreign investment with visas

03 June 2015

Visas which give wealthy business people and investors a pathway to permanent residence and Australian citizenship through various forms of investment have been around for many years.

 Harvard_image source_ Ross M Karchner (Flickr)

RegNet PhD on sex, sexuality and the state

03 June 2015

RegNet PhD and Roland Wilson scholar, Suzanne Akila will present at Harvard University’s Institute for Global Law and Policy conference in early June.


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