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Regulating for the Public Good

10 July 2017

The West is beset by political turbulence. In the UK, US, Europe and Australia, citizens are voicing their discontent.

Wedding congratulations for RegNet alumnus

10 July 2017

Shane & Valeria wed at Onati.

Reflections from the Pacific - climate change and global governance

10 July 2017

In this twenty-two minute speech, the former President of Kiribati, Anote Tong gives his reflections from the perspective of governing a small Pacific island nation.

Restorative policing: expert criminologists in conversation

07 July 2017

Expert criminologists Larry Sherman and Heather Strang from Cambridge University debate the positives and negatives of restorative justice from the perspective of the police, the victims and the of

The globalisation of regulation

07 July 2017

In this ten minute speech, Christian Downie explores how ideas about regulating people and activities spread across the globe, and not always to positive effect.

How can regulatory theory strengthen international human rights law?

07 July 2017

In this eighteen minute speech, Hilary Charlesworth explores the successes and failures of attempts to regulate human rights at an international level.

Podcast: Political, commercial and economic drivers of health

07 July 2017

In this sixteen minute podcast, Sharon Friel explores a range of different factors that impact on health inequalities around the world.

Reducing recidivism through restorative justice

07 July 2017

In this twelve minute speech, Miranda Forsyth gives an excellent introduction to restorative justice.

TAFE gives people identity and communities new hope

05 July 2017

This article first appeared in TAFE Teacher in Winter 2017.

What hope for making clean coal?

04 July 2017

Opinion piece by Christian Downie


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