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Former RegNet PhD student, Prof Megan Davies awarded ANU Indigenous Alumna of the Year 2018

16 April 2018

Megan Davis is one of Australia’s most highly regarded lawyers specialising in public law and public international law.

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Philippines Project collaborative research grant recipients 2018

10 April 2018

The Philippines Project is excited to announce the results of the 2018 Collaborative Research Grants scheme.

Unregistered and untraceable: 3D printed firearms and the gun control debate

09 April 2018

As Tasmania debates changes to its compliance with the National Firearms Agreement, research into new methods of home-made weapons manufacturing raises questions about the toughness of existing gun

Aboriginal child

How The Gap Widened

06 April 2018

Poverty and the quality of life has worsened in many Aboriginal communities, particularly those in remote Australia.

sorcery accusation related violence survivor by Judith Forsyth

Sorting through the witchcraft myths

15 March 2018

Burning or stabbing people accused of witchcraft conjures up images from hundreds of years ago, yet the practice continues today and is even growing in some remote areas of Papua New Guinea.

Cow in field

Are you more valuable as a human or a cow?

13 March 2018

If you are a cow, your milk is measured as part of the GDP. If you are a (human) breastfeeding mother, yours is not.

Inspiring women of RegNet

09 March 2018

To mark International Women’s Day this year we are celebrating some of the professional and academic staff who make our College a world-leading institution for research and teaching on Asia and the

Hilary Charlesworth

Designing, evaluating and improving Australia’s first bill of rights

07 March 2018

RegNet and other ANU researchers were at the heart of the development and implementation of a significant legislative innovation for Australia: the adoption of Australia’s first bill of rights - the ACT’s Human Rights Act 2004.

Settlement on water, Cebu City, Philippines

ANU Philippines Project PhD Scholarship

06 March 2018

A three-year full time PhD Scholarship within the ANU Philippines Project located in the School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet).


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